Photographs etc.  Barb Endler
Photographs etc.  Barb Endler
Photographs etc.  Barb Endler

Montana Seeds - Rocky Mountain Remont Sainfoin
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Rocky Mountain Remont (RMR) is a natural selection from Remont which is a regrowth variety developed by Montana State University.

  1. History
    :  Russia has grown sainfoin for over 1,000 years. France and Germany have grown it for 100s of years. It’s been on this continent for 100 years, and being a non-native like alfalfa, is gaining popularity due to no-bloat or no alfalfa weevil, along with high quality and production.

  2. Farm manager Mike Killen at the University of Wyoming Research and Extension Center in Powell, says that sainfoin is a winter-hardy, no-bloat legume that competes with alfalfa in terms of nutrition content. It does this with slightly better production yields and cost. Also, the sainfoin is more drought-tolerant than alfalfa.

  3. Rocky Mountain Remont - the perpetual motion crop. If you produce pasture or hay, Rocky Mountain Remont Sainfoin will vastly cut your expenses compared to other sources such as grass, corn silage, alfalfa or grain hay. Sainfoin is the least cost-per-ton of relative feed value forage. Seed cost, planting, fertilizer, weed and insect spray will cost between $3 and $5 per ton of production. With this low cost, why wouldn’t you choose Rocky Mountain Remont Sainfoin?

  1. $50 per acre investment can turn 500# sod production into this 3 to 5 ton per acre quality forage nearly maintenance free.

  2. No fertilizer expense here

  3. Long lived perennial

  4. This field is 20 years old

  5. No Bloat legume

  6. Glyphosate tolerance

  7. Frost tolerance

  8. Easy establishment

  9. Premium quality hay or graze

  10. Dry land or irrigated, water efficient

  11. High in sugar and carbohydrates

  12. More palatable to all animals

  13. Hollow stems desired by young animals

  14. Weevil and disease resistant


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